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For those of you interested in participating in the Traveling Dress Project, we thought that the following information might be helpful to you in your decision to participate.

*Upon being accepted, you will be billed a $100 participation fee.  Payment arrangements can be made under certain circumstances.

*Should you not follow through and produce a framed portrait for The Traveling Dress Project in 2020, you will be expected to pay a $100 non-committal fee.  A credit card number will be kept on file at the signing of your contract until the gallery in 2019, when it will then be destroyed. The credit card used for this purpose must not have an expiration date of before July 2019.

*In addition to the participation fees, it is obvious that you will incur personal costs associated with your individual shoot such as professional hair and make-up and/or props, as well as the costs of printing and framing.

*You will be responsible for providing one (1) 16x24 framed print with NO GLASS as your competition entry to the gallery (that will have the time and date announced at a later time.)  You are welcome to print up to two additional prints in a 12x18 size as well, but these will not be eligible for judging or competition purposes, although they will be considered for a special merit award.  Your primary print MUST show at least 3/4 of the dress.

*No model may be used by more than one photographer throughout the course of the competition year.

*You understand that a digital copy of your images will be supplied to The Traveling Dress Project Association, LLC. for publication thirty (30) days before the gallery.  You understand that a digital copy of your images will be published on and potentially in print publications as well.

*A proof of your final image must be submitted for review and acceptance by April 15th to The Traveling Dress Project, LLC.

*You understand that it will be required to have your print(s) delivered to the committee members two-weeks or (14) days before the first and opening gallery.  In addition, I understand that there may be more than one showing.  It is the committee's goal to get our project as much exposure as possible, which potentially means I will need to make my portrait available for up to three to four events.  You also understand that an easel must be delivered for each portrait that I am exhibiting.

*Should you sell your print at the gallery which is encouraged, but not required, a 10% commission will be paid to The Traveling Dress Project Association, LLC.  Should you not be present at the gallery whatsoever, that commission will be 30%.   

*While The Traveling Dress Project encourages your artistic vision, gore or vulgarity will not be allowed and your entry will be refused.  Image content shall be appropriate and tasteful.

*You understand that while the dress is in your care, you are responsible for any damage that is incurred and/or complete replacement costs should it not be repairable.

*You  understand that should you not be able to shoot the dress during your scheduled week and need to commit to another week, there will be a $25 rescheduling fee.  This only applies if you  have already had the dress in your possession or if you give the Traveling Dress Project a less than seven (7) day notice.

*You understand that images from this project are not to be shared in any forum or social media, other than the private group that is set up for The Traveling Dress Project until the 2019 Traveling Dress Project Gallery.  Shall I not complete the terms of this agreement, no images that I have taken involving the products of this project shall be shared whatsoever at any time.

*The Traveling Dress Project is often given multiple opportunities to exhibit in more than one event or gallery and it would be expected of you to make your portraits available unless they have sold at a prior event.

*You understand that any property (portraits or easels or display items) that are neglected or left in the care of the Traveling Dress Project and are not retrieved within sixty (60) days, are forfeited to the committee.  

*You understand that the only individuals who can make changes to the terms of your written contract are the committee members and must be done in writing.

We hope that you understand that these terms are to help us have a successful year for The Traveling Dress Project and for everything to run smoothly.  Should you have any other questions prior to your application, please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members.


The Traveling Dress Project Association, LLC.

(208) 546-1181

©2019 The Traveling Dress Project